Protecting the Environment - Going Green

Let Absolute Packaging help you find and use “green” alternative packaging materials to support today’s sustainable consumer markets. As your local distributor, we combine exceptional service with thousands of shipping supplies ready for immediate delivery. Our experienced sales team will work with you to stock your shelves with the right materials to ensure safety in your shipping and help you contribute to protecting the environment.

Wood Crates and Pallets: Wood is natural, organic, renewable, nontoxic, recyclable and bio-degradable. Crates are designed to ship delicate heavy items longer distances as well as provide reusability.

Corrugated Cartons: Corrugated packaging has one of the best recoveries and recycling record of any packaging material on earth, with over 74% of all manufactured corrugated is recovered for reuse.

Cushioning Materials:

  • Bubble wrap retains and maintains cushioning performance for continued reuse.
  • Polyurethane foam products are recyclable. In the United States, nearly all manufacturing scrap is collected and recycled. Each year post-consumer waste foam is diverted from landfills and recycled as bonded carpet cushion or park benches.
  • Unprinted news and Kraft back wadding can be recycled with mixed paper. Fiber is renewable and production scrap is reclaimed.
  • Loose fill/peanuts through a national reuse program for plastic loosefill, businesses on average, use 50% reused loose fill for their outbound shipments. Over 30% of all plastic loosefill is reused. Many packing, shipping and moving stores will take and recycle used peanuts.
  • Instapak Quick® foam requires less cushioning material in each pack. It expands on-site as much as 200 times, reducing distribution costs. Additionally, used product can be sent to Waste-To-Energy (WTE) incineration facilities.
  • Air-Fill bags expand on-site and the deflated cells can be returned to most manufacturers for recycling back into LDPE.
  • Polyethylene rolls and sheets provide superior protection, allowing for fewer wraps. Made of recyclable, low-density polyethylene which generates a clean, high-energy material for conversion into energy.

Packaging Tapes: Water Activated Tape will bond even to dusty surfaces, is 100% recyclable and improves packaging security by making packaging boxes stronger.

Stretch Film: Stretch wrap is most commonly made of linear low density polyethylene, or LLDPE. Recycling stretch wrap offers an attractive alternative to disposal. There are ready markets for recycling clean material.

Strapping: Plastic strapping that is polypropylene is 100% recyclable.

Mailers: When shipping low-profile items, mailers eliminate the use of corrugated containers. Many are produced from post-consumer recycled fibers and are recycled in common mixed paper recycling streams.