Customer Stock Program

Absolute Packaging has a unique, proprietary program that eliminates both storage, and material delay issues and arms you with the power to run fast and lean. For qualified businesses, Absolute Packaging's Customer Stock Program delivers you:

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Custom packaging at the ready for immediate delivery: Eliminate lengthy lead times and vendors dictating your material flow.  We will warehouse your packaging materials and deliver them when you want them.  Take control of your material flow.


Decrease delivery quantities without increasing product prices: Taking advantage of our Customer Stocking Program ensures volume pricing and lean inventories for your company.


Less administrative work with a single order point: Reduce man hours processing multiple orders, thereby reducing overall operating costs.  


Reduce your warehouse footprint: Maximize production space or expand manufacturing by reducing your in-house materials.


Custom product flexibility: We recognize products and needs evolve on a regular basis. By utilizing our Customer Stocking Program you can add or remove products as needed.   Regularly reviewing upcoming requirements with Absolute Packaging will ensure the Customer Stocking Program is a success for your business.


Eliminate inventory stress: Utilizing your Customer Stocking Program eliminates the dreaded lead times needed to meet your inventory requirements.  In addition, freight costs are greatly reduced.