Art Galleries and Museums

At Absolute Packaging, we are helping the Art and Museum communities design “packaging from the inside out.” This unique approach helps ensure that your valuables will be protected in whatever outer container you use for shipping. Our design engineers have over 31 combined years of experience providing guidance and recommendations on how best to protect your most valuable treasures. Our vast knowledge and resource of materials will assist you in finding the right materials to preserve and/or ship historical pieces, fine arts and antiques. We provide a variety of cushioning materials to our customers who include The National Archives, and other fine art services.

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Design and Engineering

 Hub Chassis R1 Exploded croppedAbsolute Packaging is pleased to announce the unveiling of our professional design and engineering division!  For a nominal fee, we will happily engineer, design, and prototype a protective packaging design for any company in the USA.  Our engineers create protective foam interiors choosing materials based on cushion curves, product fragility, shipping environment, and shipping cycles. Our designs are created and engineered to pass ISTA 1-A drop testing.  

Contact us today for a custom design that will minimize shipping damages and lower operating expenses while optimizing your customer satisfaction ratings.  

Customer Stock Program

Absolute Packaging has a unique, proprietary program that eliminates both storage, and material delay issues and arms you with the power to run fast and lean. For qualified businesses, Absolute Packaging's Customer Stock Program delivers you:

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