Foam Design & Fabrication

At Absolute Packaging, we like what we do.  We design and manufacture protective foam interiors specifically configured for a wide assortment of manufactured products. Our professional design engineers create “packaging from the inside out” using smart, innovative designs that keep safety and simplicity foremost.

We are backed with a full line of advanced manufacturing equipment and proprietary systems which allow us to produce consistent, predictable, top quality products time and time again.  Our designs are engineered to meet International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) drop testing specifications. This ISTA design approach provides first design product protection as it should be, from the inside out. Our materials of choice are:

Ethafoam® (Polyethylene Foam): A DSC 1264semi rigid, versatile cushioning material, often found protecting electronic equipment. Polyethylene is available in a variety of finishes, colors, and thicknesses. Material densities, begin with a lightweight 1.2# per cubic foot material, used to cushion electronics, then transitions up to a solid 9# per cubic foot material utilized for blocking and bracing Military Tank components. Polyethylene is available with anti static and/or fire retardant additives, which are commonly used by our military and we are one of the few that can provide fire retardant materials in less than truck load quantities.

ConvolutedFoamPolyurethane Foam: A softer cushioning material most commonly recognized as the material used in your office chair, our polyurethanes come in an endless variety of densities, colors, finishes, and textures. Absolute Packaging’s polyurethane designs will be found protecting our military’s armaments, items from The National Archives, arts and antiques, medical equipment, or guarding DNA purification solutions.

100 0685Transit Cases: A durable and reusable packaging option would be a hard or soft shipping case. Absolute Packaging will design and manufacture a unique foam insert to protect your valuables throughout their numerous worldwide journeys. Each interior is specifically configured for a wide assortment of products and designed to protect each individual component using a variety of, or combinations of cushioning materials. Outer cases are selected from one of our partner case manufactures and together we deliver you a hard or soft shipping case that will go with you in safety and style.