Wood Crating & Pallets

When your business requires a crate or pallet, Absolute Packaging is there!

Wood is recyclable; it can be re-used, re-worked and utilized many times before it loses its properties and usefulness. It is bio-degradable and will decompose on its own.

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Crates: We deliver hand crafted, solid wood boxes or crates, individually sized for international or domestic shipping. Our crates are kiln dried and certified with the ISPM (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) No.15 Stamp, ensuring that they are built insect free for shipments all over the world.

Pallets: Our pallets and decks are built to your specifications from hardwood, plywood, or a combination of materials based on payload and can be combined with triple wall cartons to create solid, inexpensive, light weight containers.

Foam Lining: Crates can be lined with foam for added protection or to provide a soft, shock free ride for electronics and other fragile items. We inventory a variety of cushioning materials that can be fitted to your crate which includes convoluted foam, polyurethane foam or a more rigid Ethafoam®, polyethylene foam.

Strapping: We offer a variety of poly or steel strapping available in varying widths, thicknesses, grades, and strengths. We provide machine grade strapping, hand or polyester strapping as well as poly cord strapping. And don’t forget the accessories; seals, buckles, tensioners, sealers, cutters, crimping tools, carts and dispensers.

Mil-Specs/ASTM: We have the experience to deliver crates, pallets and boxes to meet the specifications you require.

Our sales team will be happy to assist you in meeting your requirements for international or domestic shipments.