Custom Box Design

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Aligned with top quality paper mills, Absolute Packaging works in partnership to create low cost, top shelf box solutions.

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Foam Design & Fabrication

At Absolute Packaging, we like what we do.  We design and manufacture protective foam interiors specifically configured for a wide assortment of manufactured products. Our professional design engineers create “packaging from the inside out” using smart, innovative designs that keep safety and simplicity foremost.

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In-Stock Packaging

Let Absolute Packaging help you design "packaging from the inside out” and stock your shelves with materials that ensure safety in your shipping. As your local distributor, we combine exceptional service with thousands of shipping supplies ready for immediate delivery. Our sales team will work for you using the latest technologies and products manufactured in the USA. In addition, we will help you find “green” alternatives to support today’s consumer markets and sustainability of the planet.

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Wood Crating & Pallets

When your business requires a crate or pallet, Absolute Packaging is there!

Wood is recyclable; it can be re-used, re-worked and utilized many times before it loses its properties and usefulness. It is bio-degradable and will decompose on its own.

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