About Us

CoreValues greenEstablished in 2001, by packaging professionals focused on delivering responsible packaging development, and product specific packaging to the DC Metropolitan area, Absolute Packaging has become the only custom packaging solutions provider in Northern Virginia.

Absolute Packaging provides a wide variety of packaging materials, paired with innovative customized foam designs. This simple idea provides manufacturers and distributors with high-quality, cost-effective product protection to meet their shippings needs regardless of business size.

Over the years, Absolue Packaging has strived to ensure each customer is treated with honesty, professionalism, and respect. Through their strict set of Core Values, Absolute Packaging has delivered unparalleled customer service, not just once, but always.

As a B2B support company Absolute Packaging provides excellent service to the US Military, Federal government agencies, Bio-Tech firms, Electronics manufacturers, Educational, Transportation, Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Distribution companies and more throughout the DC Metropolitan area for over 10 years.

The Absolute Packaging team is passionate about providing the highest quality packaging solutions, designed and engineered to solve every issue without complication.